Healing with Love and Time

Maddy Joseph, 1937-2011

In memory of my mother, I am sharing an incredible recipe for “Healing with Love and Time,” sent to me in a condolence card.

2 pounds of passage of time
1 cup of acceptance
3 drops of sweet memories
4 tbs. full of hope and faith
2 cups of patience
Tears as needed

Calm, prayers and smiles

A note from the chef: move gently through the days. Be good to yourself.

Warm your feelings slowly.
Add the sweet memories, faith and hope.
Mix with patience.
Gradually add in acceptance, life must go on.
Add tears and sadness as needed.
Season with calm and prayers of your personal choice.
Sprinkle with smiles as you can.
Add the passage of time.

Simmer as long as needed and notice sorrow will slowly begin to dissipate.

Eventually sweet memories will provide a special seasoning to your life.


  1. Francine G. says

    I am sorry. I did not know about your loss. It is so difficult to lose a parent and your recipe seems correct.

  2. deborah says

    Laura – That is the best, most foolproof receipe I have ever seen :) Take good care my wonderful life long friend! Deb Rosenblum

  3. says

    I will try this recipe Laura. That’s a beautiful picture of your Mom. I’m looking forward to spending time together next Fri. I have some nice things lined up, but don’t let me be bossy! Mary

  4. Cynthia says

    Laura, that’s a wonderful recipe and I’ve always loved this picture of Mom. Thank you so much for sharing! Love you!

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Laura,

    What a beautiful picture of your Mom. I had never noticed how closely you resembled Aunt Maddy.

    I hope that time is healing some of the sadness.

    I think of you often.

    Love, Kathy

  6. Anonymous says

    Dear Laura,
    This is both a beautiful image of your mother and of a way to manage this sad transition in your life.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I am sure your mother is very proud of you as are your friends.

  7. Anonymous says


    I am so sorry to learn of your mother’s passing. I know it has been a long journey. Your recipe is an inspiration to us all. Thinking of you…..

    Love, Kathy Whitney

  8. Audrey brooks says

    What a precious recipe. And the vibrancy and vitality of your mom is so evident I the gorgeous photo. Thank you for sharing her– and the grieving process– with us. Truly memorable.
    Audrey brooks

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