Chocolate Olive Oil Cake


  Last week, Bob and I got a very nice invitation to have dinner at a friend’s house. She kindly inquired if there was anything we didn’t eat. I told her Bob was allergic to cashews, so unless we were going to have an exciting evening of watching his throat close up, that should probably […]

Salted Dark Chocolate Tart with Pistachios

IMG_2049 (2)

Book clubs come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have professionals come in to lead scholarly discussions. Others hardly talk about the book, spending the allotted time chatting with friends about their daily lives and family dramas. Some book clubs meet for breakfast, some for lunch or dinner. Others only share a dessert or […]

No Name Pasta Salad


UPDATE!!!! The winner of the vote for “No Name Pasta Salad” is: LAURA’S TUSCAN PASTA.   I have a new pasta salad recipe to share with you. The only problem is that it has no name! It all started last month when I was starving and dropped by a local caterer, Tastefully Yours, to pick […]

Trail Bars


Do any of you out there like Kind energy bars? I do! If I’m ever in a rush and don’t have time to whip up a healthy shake or cook some eggs for breakfast., my go to move is to buy a cup of coffee and a Kind bar at the local coffee shop before heading […]

Healing with Love and Time


Maddy Joseph, 1937-2011 In memory of my mother, I am sharing an incredible recipe for “Healing with Love and Time,” sent to me in a condolence card. Ingredients: 2 pounds of passage of time 1 cup of acceptance 3 drops of sweet memories 4 tbs. full of hope and faith 2 cups of patience Tears […]

The seed for my zucchini bread story sprouted while we were on vacation in Lake Placid last month. I was dozing in and out of sleep on a massage table at our hotel’s spa, seeking relief for my aching limbs after a four-hour trek to the top of Cascade Mountain and back. I must have […]

Brussel Sprouts

Brussels sprouts

My friend Hillary has a cookbook called Everything Tastes Better with Bacon. (As you might guess, it’s not published by the American Heart Association.) While I try not to eat these savory little strips on a regular basis and question the inclusion in the book of a recipe for ice cream sundaes with hazelnut-bacon candy […]