Perfect Popovers


Here’s the scenario: It’s a Saturday night and Bob is out of town visiting our son Sam at Duke, my younger son Spencer is hanging with his high school cronies, and I’m home alone and happy, luxuriating in a peaceful evening with nothing to do and no one to see.I went to yoga in the […]

Turkey and Tomatillo Chili


Have you ever watched in dismay as your child (or spouse) picked out every single mushroom and bean sprout from the chicken stir fry you made or removed each strand of spinach from a pasta dish you served? If you’re starting to give up on getting your family to ingest anything that might be remotely […]



Maybe it’s the cold weather, but more likely it’s because I went back to work part-time and am always trying to squeeze more into a day than I can handle. Whatever the case, I am tired all the time. Naps are de rigueur every weekend, and whenever else I can fit them in. Last Tuesday, […]

Liar, Liar

Last week I went to a play called “The Liar Show.” It was genius! Here’s the premise: four actors get on stage, and they each tell a story. Three of them are telling the truth and one is lying. The audience gets to vote for the person they think is the liar, and the truth […]

Vegetarian Chili with Bulgur


I’m trying to get used to going back to work. I’ve always been working for the past 15 years, but it’s been from home and freelance, so basically I could wake up in the morning, down a cup of coffee, and then head to my guestroom in my pajamas to conduct the day’s business. Now, […]

The seed for my zucchini bread story sprouted while we were on vacation in Lake Placid last month. I was dozing in and out of sleep on a massage table at our hotel’s spa, seeking relief for my aching limbs after a four-hour trek to the top of Cascade Mountain and back. I must have […]