Trail Bars


Do any of you out there like Kind energy bars? I do! If I’m ever in a rush and don’t have time to whip up a healthy shake or cook some eggs for breakfast., my go to move is to buy a cup of coffee and a Kind bar at the local coffee shop before heading […]

Dark and Stormy Pineapple


In honor of Father’s Day, I am going to share a great recipe from Esquire’s “Eat like a Man” blog. Fist of all, have you ever seen this online column? Well, I hadn’t, but since my friend Jean sent me a link to the blog’s recipe for “Dark and Stormy Pineapple,” I feel like a whole new male-centric […]

Healthy Banana Bread


Have you ever gone to a spa or restaurant and bought their cookbook, with every intention of making the some of the recipes when you get back home? And then it sits unopened on your bookshelf for years? Well that was the case with the “Canyon Ranch Cooks: More Great Tastes” cookbook, which was gathering […]

Chicken Marbella


How long do capers last in the refrigerator?  No need to answer; it’s a rhetorical question.  In fact, I am going to provide you with some advice on that topic that I found “I’m hoping that kinda forever is the right answer… They’re [capers] packed in a strongly acidic brine, which as long as […]

Caprese Antipasto


Alarm bells were ringing in my head the other day. – tomatoes were taking over my kitchen! I had a bowl of bright red beefsteaks from my CSA farm share on the counter; my cherry tomato plants had “given birth” to dozens of grape-sized balls ripening on my windowsill; and, of course, I couldn’t resist […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins


I made three-dozen strawberry rhubarb muffins because I refused to use my reading glasses.  If I had used them, I would have clearly seen that the recipe yielded 1 1/2 dozen muffins, not 1/2 dozen. As a result, I thought I needed to double the recipe to fill up my muffin pan.  The good news […]

Healing with Love and Time


Maddy Joseph, 1937-2011 In memory of my mother, I am sharing an incredible recipe for “Healing with Love and Time,” sent to me in a condolence card. Ingredients: 2 pounds of passage of time 1 cup of acceptance 3 drops of sweet memories 4 tbs. full of hope and faith 2 cups of patience Tears […]

Chilled Cucumber Soup


Not that I’m fishing around for invitations, but at times, last night for example, I feel that I can be a welcome asset to a dinner party. Not only did I bring an appetizer to my friend J’s house, I also provided useful dinner conversation. In fact, now all the women at dinner know their […]