Cauliflower Pizza

As a kid, I grew up eating bland, steamed cauliflower with just enough salt to make it barely palatable. And I consumed it solely because my brother and I weren’t excused from dinner until we had finished everything on our plates. Unable to hide the large florets in my dinner napkin or feed them to our Miniature Poodle, Colette, under the table, I had limited choices. Memories of said vegetable were enough to make me steer clear of it well into my adult life. However, sometime in my mid-thirties, I decided to give cauliflower a second chance. I found that when combined with proper ingredients, seasonings, and garnishes, cauliflower could prove to be quite tasty. In recent years, I’ve had the vegetable in a variety of carnations ­­– roasted cauliflower, cauliflower soufflé, … Read more


Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

  Last week, Bob and I got a very nice invitation to have dinner at a friend’s house. She kindly inquired if there was anything we didn’t eat. I told her Bob was allergic to cashews, so … [Read More...]


Cheddar Crackers

There are three things I can always count on when I go away on a girls weekend – and when I say girls I use the term … [Read More...]


Caviar Pie

Caviar…The very word inspires thoughts of five star dining, indulgent extravagance, and mega dollar signs. But have no … [Read More...]


No Name Pasta Salad

UPDATE!!!! The winner of the vote for "No Name Pasta Salad" is: LAURA'S TUSCAN PASTA.   I have a new pasta salad recipe to share with you. … [Read More...]